About me

Brief summary and work history.

I'm a Software Engineer recently working in DevOps Lead and Enterprise and Solutions Architect roles at Beyond in our London studio.

The tech specs:

  • Software development in Python, JavaScript, Node.js and PHP. I'm into TypeScript and Type Hinting in Python.
  • I'm learning programming in Go.
  • I'm (still) writing a lot of (way too complex) Bash scripts to glue things together.
  • Infrastructure as Code with Terraform. I've tried creating my own tools in the past.
  • Configuration management and automation with Ansible.
  • Building all of the DevOps pipelines. Power user of pre-commit framework.
  • Cloud Architecture and Engineering, mainly on AWS and Google Cloud infrastructure.
  • I've also used DigitalOcean for my personal projects.

I've previously developed web applications and designed cloud-based solutions for various well-known brands at Dare.

Before moving to London I was doing full stack development at a tech startup, Frosmo, and building new consumer web services at Sanoma Digital (Finnish blog), part of Sanoma media company.

Other things I like:

  • Writing a lot of technical documentation with pretty pictures.
  • Hand grinding and brewing my own coffee with AeroPress or V60 and trying new online coffee shops and flavours.
  • Drinking beer that doesn't taste like beer.
  • Posting pictures of my food and drinks on social media.
  • Buying and wearing (colourful) caps and hats. You can bring me a new one as a gift!